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About me

My name is Morgana,

I am a First-degree honours graduate in Fashion Journalism with 4 + years of experience in Creative Marketing and Design, Art Direction, Image Coordination, Social Media, and extensive content Production and Post-Production ability.

During the years, I have developed an excellent eye for detail and aesthetics allowing me to meticulously carry out demanding projects, enrich collaborations and create depth in my commissions some of which were posted by big names such as Vogue Italia. I have learned that my imagination has no limits which is why creating has always been an unstoppable stream for me. 

From organising and coordinating to direction and production of Campaign, Editorial and E-Commerce shoots, I have proved my potential to excel within the professional fast-paced fashion industry. My rapid Marketing & Design understanding, based on each client, made way for my strong leadership skills in assignment delegation and maintenance of set deadlines. 

Given my diverse heritage from which I have acquired fluency in many languages, I have always managed to be inspired by the different cultures I was raised within. The latter has allowed me to keep an open mind, bring a fresh perspective and think outside the box, permitting my work to stand out. 

The projects I have worked on made me discover the director’s eye within me, as I have always adopted a leading figure role before my teammates who felt they could rely on my decisions, knowledge and creativity. I work very well under pressure and seek a challenging environment in order to utilise my various skills.

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